3 Women Outfits that can go From Day to Night

Do you have plenty of board meetings today? Do you have your calendar full of business meetings? If so you have to dress adorably and look stylish throughout the day in office. And the same should apply if you have an evening party or a date after the office hours. You don’t have time to change your costumes in your busy schedule.
How will you manage this situation? The solution is simple! Try out an outfit that can go from day to night, from the office to a cocktail party. There are easily transformable and stress-free day to night dressing. These are those dresses that can be changed or transformed on the go! Let us look at some of these.

The practical pencil skirt

pencil skirtThe most common office outfit, the Pencil Skirt can go for any occasion as long as you know how to style it right. When you go for you next shopping, consider investing in some stylish pencil skirts in a variety of bold colours to keep your wardrobe collection fresh and attractive. Pencil skirts can change from drab to fab instantly. Depending on your office dress code, you can pair any combination of tops and a set of lace up heels.

When in office, you can wear a professional overcoat above the shirt which gives and elegant look. When you go for your night party, just remove the overcoat and you will look trendy with some good hair style and slight changes in your makeup. The shoes you choose also make a big difference to your look. A red pencil skirt with white shirt and a red high heeled shoe will be a perfect party wear. If you add a red overcoat to the same, you are fit for any conference. A perfect pair of high heels and a spectacle or cooling glass changes your look to a picnic mood.

The Printed frocks for all occasions

Some might think that a black frock is a perfect garment that suits for every occasion while some others think that a printed frock is their choice. What’s so special with a printed dress? A high neckline and medium length will ensure you’re keeping it classy in the meeting room or at your desk in office, but a playful print is a trendy outfitwhen you grab a drink in the evening.

By adding some trendy diamond or gold jewellery to this out outfit, you can get a totally different outlook.

Tie it up with the perfect pants

black pantsA pair of black pants in your wardrobe is a great choice for any occasion. You can turn up the trendiness with a pair of high waist, tie waist pants. The tighter style offers a modern outlook on the too-tired boardroom garb. As soon as the office time is over, go and wear your gold/platinum/diamond jewellery and a pair of sassy shoes to boost up this outfit.

Not only does the dress decide your look, but the accessories and shoe and the kind of costumes and makeup you use should go with the dress. Sometimes a trendy shawl on your neck gives a perfect relaxed look.

That will be a good idea to add a few pairs of double duty pants collection to your wardrobe. When you shop, keep both your office meetings and cocktail parties in mind.