My Dog Cron, Loves to Eat Oranges

I love keeping dog as a pet.It’s my favorite hobby. You may call me a dog lover. If someone asks me why I love dogs, I can enumerate a number of reasons behind my love.They make your mood better, help you stay active, relieve your stress, and make you social. Dogs also help your kids grow healthier and stronger. In addition to this, dogs help us make an advancement in research against cancer.

Any way, let’s come to the point.I keep a dog named as Cron. Most of us consider dogs as carnivores but this is not a fact,some of them are omnivores too. Let me give example of my own dog Cron; in addition to eating meat and other foods, Cron loves to eat oranges.Yes,oranges. These are one of his favorite foods.

It’s a very common misconception that citrus foods are toxic by nature, therefore we should not feed the dogs with them. As a matter of fact, citrus fruits like oranges are not toxic by all means, though the consumption of canine is another matter which has nothing to do with any toxic element found in it. As it is an open secret that oranges are rich in vitamin C but it is not harmful for dogs in any way, though we must give them in chunks and not on a regular basis.

Dogs produce vitamin C by themselves but in some cases, they can not sufficiently produce it due to strenuous exercise and overwhelming stress. Here they need an extra intake of vitamin C to make up deficiency. However, this is not the case with most of the dogs. Remember, vitamin C improves dogs’ immune system.

Although Cron loves to eat oranges, yet being a responsible pet parent I give due consideration to their limit. I’m fully aware of the fact that extra calories and sugar may harm Carol if not keep a check over daily intake. It is a medically proven fact that oranges can affect blood value in diabetic dogs due to vitamin C rather than the sugar level, so keep a diabetic dog away from oranges and other sugary substances.

I allow Cron to eat a certain portion of orange just for the taste, because I know that dogs do not need any additional supplements of minerals and vitamins from fruits. I also make sure to feed Cron only with orange slices without seeds and outer rind. Orange seeds and outer rind break down dog’s digestive system and cause gastrointestinal.

Surely, oranges are rich in vitamin C, potassium, thiamine, and folate, only the thing that makes them unfit for dogs is their acidity. However, we must never forget the fibrous nature of oranges, it improves your dog’s digestive system.

To sum up, I would like to say that Cron is not a pet,rather he is my best friend. It is my responsibility to keep all his needs in my mind. He eats oranges, but I give in a limit, as it is my responsibility being a pet parent.

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