Solo trek-ing

OR-7: a 2 yr old male Grey Wolf, left the Imnaha wolf pack in Northeast Oregon back in October and has since travelled 700 miles arriving very recently in Northern California’s Siskyou County. With his entry into California, he is the Grey Wolf to enter the state in 80 years. This is monumental in the recovery of wolves since their re-introduction back into the west in the 90’s. The result of this recent wolf expansion could very likely result in increasing land protection and conservation efforts.

In an effort to raise awareness and in part with the “Connect with the wild” innitiative, Oregon Wild [] – a wilderness conservation group sponsored a contest for kids to submit artwork and names for the wolf formerly known as OR-7…

JOURNEY was the name given to the wolf, submitted by a 7 yr old and an 11 yr old. On the same day the name was chosen, this image [below] was taken by a hunter’s hidden trail cam.

In additon, the drawing below was the contest winner – depicting Journey and his search for a mate- created by an 8 yr old girl from Portland! Also included is a map of Journey’s progress [updated version coming soon]

I wonder what drives him? Is he aware of the progress he carries with him? The world watches as history creeps into California.